Announcing our $25 million fundraise

Our vision

We want a future where everyone can afford a high-quality house or apartment in a beautiful city or village.

We believe that the only way to turn this vision into reality is to fully automate on-site construction. To break the spell of stagnation in construction we plan bring the full power of software, robotics and machine vision to the construction site. The core technology we are developing is a suite of autonomous, electric robots which can work around the clock. Our approach will bring three main benefits:

1. Affordable housing

Everyone needs housing and housing sits upstream of almost all other economic inputs for people. The lack of affordable homes for people is tearing apart the seams of society in many developed countries today, while construction is only getting more expensive as the number of craftsmen continues to decline.

2. Sustainable & safe construction

We will have an opportunity to re-invent a legacy industry step-by-step. Because all our robots will be electric, there's less noise and zero on-site pollution. Speeding up construction and being able to run 24/7 will allow us to decrease total construction time. Even more importantly, construction-related casualties could become a thing of the past. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries left, with currently 60.000 casualties per year world wide.

3. Beautiful artisanship

Unless you're a full-on post-modernist who believes everything is subjective, you might have noticed that aesthetics have taken a backseat in our built environment since World War 2. We know that people are willing to spend thousands of dollars to spend a week in historic city centers as tourists, and many are willing to pay significantly more to live in historic housing. (Can you name other industries where a 100-year old product commands a premium to the newest and latest in normal usage?) With our software-defined robotics, building something intricate, beautiful and custom won't require more labor and won't need to be more expensive, and we intend to bring that beauty back to our world.

We know this is an ambitious mission in an industry that has seen little innovation and lots of failed startups trying to shake things up. This is why most of our plan focuses on incremental and achievable goals for the first few years. Get in touch to learn more on our approach and to to get involved.